About us

Sunny is a passionate collective of creatives who specialise in Vfx, Animation and Post Production Finishing

With our team of in-house Producers and Artists combined with our network of freelance talent and production partners we operate with a model that is based around functional scalability meaning no project is beyond our skillset or capabilities

We believe in Positivity and approach every project with a can do attitude. We don’t believe in limitations, we believe that with imagination, talent and purpose in perfect harmony anything is possible.

We have worked with…


“The day Ben walked into our office, he brought Sunshine back into post production. Not only is he a super nice guy, Ben is also multi-talented and brings such added creative value and craftsmanship to the process. Ben also has an impressive global ensemble of equality talented resources, covering the full gamut of post production disciplines. No project seems too small or too big for this Maestro”

Jax Dyer-Donaldson
Executive Producer, Filmworks

“Working with Ben is always a delight. No matter how challenging the project, Ben always has a solution and will do his very best to make it happen. I also like working with Ben because he has a point of view on the work we are delivering, he will make suggestions of things we could try, do differently and this is all in the interest of making the final deliverable the best it could be. Lastly, it’s always fun with Ben and when you’re up against it there is nothing better than having a partner who is high energy and positive to see the project through!”

Imogen Blackwood
Group Account Director, IMA-HOME Global

“I've worked with Ben for nearly a decade and can honestly say he's one of the most forward thinking and positive post producers out there. As we all know, VFX is a constantly developing beast and can often be unpredictable. Ben has always found a way to ensure the quality of finish on all of my work is stellar - and has consistently tolerated my pickiness with great humour and patience. His high standards always match my own. Sunny VFX has been superb to work with and that comes as no surprise to me - he loves creativity first and foremost and that, for me, is the secret to his success. He also loves a pint at the end of the day, which means the whole package is about as close to perfect as you could possibly get.”

Nate Camponi
Film Director